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It's something many of us take for granted. But safety is no accident. Proper training and a thorough knowledge of materials and equipment lead to a safe working environment, and when an accident does occur, knowing the right procedures and how to implement them can mean the difference between a mishap and disaster.

Let our safety experts make your work environment a safer place for you, your employees and your customers.

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Statement by Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman

American workers had two significant victories in the Senate today: the efforts to block OSHA's proposed ergonomics standard and the move to partially repeal Davis-Bacon were both defeated.  The Senate removed one more roadblock to a much-needed ergonomics rule and ensured that working men and women who rebuild our nation's  communities after disaster has hit will be fairly compensated.  The Administration continues its strong commitment to the need for a  protective ergonomics standard. On behalf of the 600,000 workers who suffer disabling musculoskeletal disorders each year, we will  continue to oppose any effort to block or delay this rule.  Only 16 percent of U.S. worksites have adopted effective programs to prevent serious injuries related to overexertion and repetitive motion on the job. That is why organizations representing 2.8  million medical, scientific and safety and health professionals have  urged OSHA to move forward quickly to put an ergonomics standard in place. We intend to do so.  Background: Senator Bond's amendment to the Labor-HHS appropriations bill would have required OSHA to delay publication of its proposed ergonomics standard until the National Academy of Sciences completes a second literature review sometime in spring 2001. The proposal is in the final review stage and should be ready for publication in the Federal Register in the next few weeks.


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